Locating potential staff is an ongoing issue for all agents. Many times agents begin looking once someone quits which is already too late. Let us help you change how you source employees and always be ready to hire when the need arises. Our program can become and integral part of your agency to help you find the best employees.

We understand your industry andwhat you are looking for. Ourprogram has helped agents all over the country be better prepared when it comes to staffing their agency.

Job postings now added to Simply Hired, Twitter, and Craigslist!

With our knowledge of insurance and the needs agents have we are able to locate candidates that best fit your needs. What if a qualified candidate moved to your area would you like to know about them? Do you typically start searching once someone quits? Staff sourcing needs to be a fixture in your agency just like marketing.

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By bringing agents together we can create programs that benefit everyone. Agents all over the country are learning to source candidates continuously and make it a part of their agency.